The animals provide a light, refreshing and memorable way for you to understand why you deal with money in the way you do, and how this is similar and different from other people.

Money Personality enables you to gain invaluable self-awareness leading to less stress, less conflict and more confidence.


I am a Labrador, when I was reading the report I had a smile on my face. It is fascinating that a quiz on money preferences can so accurately describe my preferences.
People with Dolphin preferences like harmony, peace and purpose.  Dolphin’s are more interested in “what could be” than “what is”. The Dolphins core needs are possibility, purpose and authenticity. Oprah Winfrey displays Dolphin preferences.
People with Owl preferences like knowledge, possibility and analysis. Like the Dolphins, Owls are more interested in “what could be” than “what is”. The core needs of Owls are competence, possibility and maximising opportunities. Bill Gates displays Owl preferences.
People with Monkey preferences like spontaneity and flexibility. They act on their impulses and find highly structured plans and situations restricting. Monkeys like to take advantage of new opportunities quickly. Donald Trump displays Monkey preferences.
People with Labrador preferences like order, closure and stability. They excel in managing and maintaining proven structures and systems. Labrador’s core needs are loyalty, responsibility, and belonging. Warren Buffett displays Labrador preferences.