The animal classifications of Money Personality are the brainchild of Matt Linnert but the science behind defining each type has been tested and refined over thousands of years.

Matt has provided training and coaching to thousands of people over the past decade, with Money Personality being a stand out tool for client inquiry and understanding.

Money Personality gives the coach unbridled insights into clients biases, further empowering the capacity to influence behaviour, change and activity.

With both coach and client can achieve greater outcomes due to heightened self-awareness and client-awareness, painlessly and easily.

We've used different questionnaires over time, but Money Personality's context of money, wealth, career and business has enabled us to have more pointed conversations of what really matters to our clients in these domains. Further to that, the training on interpreting client's results has given us the much needed confidence in understanding the depths of our client’s needs so important for any professional wanting to make a difference in their client's lives.
  • Simple to use
  • Tangible offering
  • Motivate conversation
  • Fun and memorable
  • Deep client insight
  • Stronger relationships
  • Point of difference
  • Talking point for referrals

Knowing your client’s Money Personality will enable you to understand your clients in a way which few questionnaires can deliver.

Using Money Personality as a tool to further "know your client" will deliver unquestionable value and insight to any coach-client relationship.

This is particularly important if you want your client to take responsibility for their own actions, and work together to bring desirable and favourable change and accompanying outcomes.

The depth of awareness delivered in Money Personality’s friendly and light-hearted way will enable you and your client to know which parts of advice they will like and run with, and which parts they will need greater focus and accountability with.

Further to that, you can gain a deeper understanding of the relationship dynamic between spouses and business partners, and identify what communication style is required to win the ongoing custom and advocacy of different clients.

Test it out for yourself - when it comes to money, what animal are you?