Brains Trust - IFA Magazine
Behavioural psychology and emotional intelligence have never been more important to financial planners’ bottom lines. Rachael Micallef reports.
The 80:20 rule for client satisfaction
Understanding how to reduce stress is valuable knowledge for any adviser who wants to have a satisfied client base. Matt Linnert explains.
Nine tips for client engagement
Matt Linnert says if you truly engage a client, they'll subconsciously find your services more valuable.
Knowing your client's stuff, stage and seed
Matt Linnert says it is a significant question to ask a client if there is enough value in what you do for them to want to participate for another year.
Stress Sucks and Money Personality Workshop
'Stress Sucks' and 'Money Personality' workshops. These workshops will be presented by Matt Linnert, Co-founder of innergi and Money Personality
How you can tell what is really going on with your clients..
Matt Linnert says advisers are being challenged to come to grips with how a client's emotional state affects their view of the world.
The case for segmenting clients by how they behave
Clients are most commonly segmented according to their assets or their profitability to you. Rob Skinner suggests a way based on understanding what's important to them.
Practicalities of client behaviour - Professional Planner Magazine
Initially a sceptic, Robert Skinner now believes there's more to client behaviour than just that "touchy-feely" stuff.
Your clients need your help - Professional Planner Magazine
Knowing what makes a client tick helps you communicate with them much more effectively says Robert Skinner.
Money Personality Media Release August 2011
Money Personality enables advisers and clients to understand client’s behavioural biases as they relate to money and wealth.
Getting to know all about you - Professional Planner Magazine
Matt Linnert says that as far as clients are concerned, 'value' is about so much more than just money
Bringing clients peace of mind - Professional Planner Magazine
Matt Linnert says a client's psychological needs and wants typically change over time
Why 'I want to' is more valuable than 'I have to' - Professional Planner Magazine
Matt Linnert says a client's attitude towards your service is a good indicator or likely profitability
What your clients really value - Professional Planner Magazine
Understanding what's valuable to a client will enable you to position your value proposition says Matt Linnert
I'm more than just a baby boomer - Professional Planner Magazine
Matt Linnert looks at future trends in segmenting client bases
Monkey Business - White Magazine
Matt Linnert helps us recognise the values and ideals of our partners - their 'inner animal'
Labradors Love Financial Planning - Professional Planner Magazine

If you know what drives your client’s attitudes to money, you stand a better chance of getting your message across, Robert Skinner explains

Training clients to perceive value - Professional Planner Magazine
Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Robert Skinner explains how to develop a clients eye for value
Lessons of member engagement, from a 3 year old - ASFA Super Fund Magazine
Getting your members to engage with their super may require thinking along different lines, Matt Linnert suggests using motivational techniques that work
Do clients knowlingly sabotage their own financial plans? - Professional Planner Magazine
Understanding how your client thinks is the key to getting your message across, says Robert Skinner
Talking to the Animals - The Australian Newspaper
This article in the Australian newspaper gives a good overview of the characteristics and validity of the Money Personality concept