The animal classifications of Money Personality are the brainchild of Matt Linnert but the science behind defining each type has been tested and refined over thousands of years.

Each of us learns in a different way, responds to information presented in a different way and has an individual preference for how we make financial decisions and handle money.

Money Personality is an educational initiative of innergi. innergi provides financial engagement and education solutions, including a full financial knowledge centre.

Money Personality gave us an intriguing and personal tool to promote to our members; it facilitates our members knowing more about themselves. It gave us an appreciation for the different preferences members have, which we use to have a deeper relationship with our members.
Bruce Watson
  • Engaged members
  • Point of difference
  • Innovative tool
  • Meaningful communication
  • Understand trends
  • Memorable 
  • Simple to use

Money Personality provides your members and employees with an innovative, insightful and memorable way to understand how they relate to money and how different Ďanimalsí can work together.

Money Personality provides superannuation funds with a simple and light hearted way to engage with their members, while finding out what really makes their members tick in regards to the serious subject of money and finance.

Knowing your memberís animal assists the development of communications and engagement strategies, further improving member attraction, retention and advocacy.

Test it out for yourself, when it comes to money, what animal are you?